I’m a Product & UX Designer- based near Frankfurt focused on holistic physical-digital product experiences that enhance our lives.

About me

How I started

From early on, I am drawn towards building solutions and curious creativity. As a child, I helped my grandpa with hay harvesting during the season on his farm. But his rake was too big for me, so we build my very first product: a wooden child hay rake. Although the rake never went into production, my drive for solutions and my curious creativity did- in all aspects of my life.

My Design Journey

For more than 9 years, I worked as a Physical Product Designer and enjoyed thinking up and developing products that were actually built to help people enhance the quality of their day-to-day and are fun to use.
I have experience in creating products from concept to production for clients in various markets and industries, such as consumer goods, industrial goods, medical packaging, lighting design, and interior design.

However, in recent years I observed, that more and more physical products have digital interfaces and are connected to the internet, changing the way we interact with them. This caused the need for blending the feel of physical products with digital user interfaces. My natural motivation and expertise are to understand things and processes in their entirety. That´s why I trained as a UX Designer to be able to speak different languages.

Now I´m exploring how to work as an interdisciplinary Product & UX Designer bridging the gap between physical-digital products and services that I expect will be needed in the future.

Who I become, what I do, and what I strive for, allow me to create holistic, functional, and forward-thinking products and experiences that bring value to consumers.

Things I enjoy

Besides work, I have a passion for sewing clothes, and you can always find me in nature enjoying a good run or walk or in the kitchen cooking good food with fresh ingredients from my garden.
Another fun fact about me: I am not only drawn towards the art of design but also to martial arts, where I once won the german team championship in Kobudo.


Tools I use

Adobe Ps, Ai, Id, XD
Maxwell Render
Model Making

Methods I apply

User Research
Market Research
Ideation and Conceptualization
Journey Maps
User Testing
Information Architecture

Clients I have worked for

Grohe AG
Jack Wolfskin
Zimmer + Kreim GmbH & Co. KG
Sanner GmbH
O.R. Lasertechnolgie

Short Resume

Since 2021 Product & UX Designer Freelancer

2016-2019 Product & Interior Designer at Studiosyn, Rüsselsheim

2014-2016 Product Designer Freelancer

2013-2014 Product Designer at aroma_ID, Offenbach

2013 Diploma Product Design at HFG Offenbach, Offenbach

2011-2012 Product Design Internship at Grohe AG, Düsseldorf

2011 Product Design Internship at XL PLUS Design, Shanghai


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